The Man in the Corner (2014)

ISBN-10: 150054986X
ISBN-13: 978-1500549862

A mysterious assassin wants out of his life as a cold and ruthless killer but must face one last assignment before he flicks the escape switch. As he closes in on the biggest criminal mind in the country, he is reminded of what he left behind and how getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel might also reunite him with a person from his long and distant past. Who is the Big Chief? Why must he be brought down and will it be the end, not just for himself and his superior, but also to the only link to the life he has lost. Filled with suspense, action, mystery and romance this book was inspired by such writers as Ian Fleming and serves as the first novel written by young author Hayden Gribble. Available to buy on Amazon.

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Tales From Another Me – 2015

Amazon kindle exclusive

From 2007 until 2010, author Hayden Gribble documented his thoughts, dreams, nightmares and desires through a collection of poems. This selection illustrates how the world looked through the eyes of a teenager – lost in the noisy digital age – trying to find his way in an exciting yet confusing world against a backdrop of friendships, romance, work life, sex, drugs, alcohol the rise of Facebook and the stranglehold that the economic recession had on a the youth of the time. Available on Amazon.

You can buy Tales From Another Me here on Amazon.

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